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Máster Universitario en Gestión de la Seguridad Integral (Master's Degree in International Security Management) en: Universidad Pontificia Comillas - COMILLAS

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The Master in International Security Management is designed to address the need to manage a changing and complex international reality, defined by new security threats which require a renewed approach in order to tackle them. Studying our Master in International Security will allow you to learn how to use the right tools to address security challenges, including military ones, but going beyond to include the design of policies that can address climate change, energy sustainability, food security, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

The Master will offer you the opportunity to learn about the management of these challenges through two specialisation tracks, after a first block of common training. The tracks are Global Risk Management and Cyber-challenges and Narrative Information Management. With the Global Risks Management track, in addition to specialising in the management of energy and environmental, health and food challenges, you will learn how to analyse country risk from an economic perspective, and the new hybrid conflicts that define the international panorama. Through the Cyber-challenges and Narrative Information Management track, you will understand the current mechanisms of (dis)information, its resources, and common methods, and the growing role of the cyber dimension. Thus, you will develop skills required to analyse and develop information campaigns, managing their impact at a social or organisational level, taking into account psychological and technical factors.

During the Master, you will carry out a tailored internship in one of our partner public institutions or private companies, organisations linked to international security management, thus allowing you to apply the knowledge gained on the programme and to develop a professional career in either the private or public sector.

The Master is organised by the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at Comillas Pontifical University, recognised as the best in Spain and the seventh in the world in terms of the Employability rate of its graduates according to the QS ranking on Employability.

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16.500 €
1 años
Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Universidad Privada
Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CIHS)
C/ Universidad Comillas, 3
28049 Cantoblanco

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